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AERODYNAMIC SHAPE TRAILER USED FOR THE CARRIAGE: QUADS, MOTORCYCLES AND OTHER CHARGES VERY HIGH QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP HIGHEST QUALITY OF USED COMPONENTS WITH SPECIAL LOWER AXLE WE CAN LOAD EASLY QUAD OR MOTORCYCLE, LOWER CENTER OF GRAVITY GIVES BETTER TRAILER DRIVING shell made of composite ( gelcoat + polyester resin with a high impact factor of the temperature difference) styling drawbar wedge under the wheel x 2 complete chassis of AL-KO AL-KO hook, Kober AK 160 Aust.B axle brake AL-KO up to 1300Kg, lower version the weight of the trailer without load is 460Kg modern lights with LED technology ( integrated lights + fog light and rear light ) inner light marker LED lights open rear platform, used gas springs, reinforced steel construction, entry area covered by aluminum sheet - weatherproof, rear flap closed with a central key top flap is hinged on gas springs lowered back support floor made of waterproof and anti-slip plywood 15mm 6 fixing brackets sheel interior is reinforced with metal frame steel wheels 14” standard white color installation with plug 13 PIN Additional equipment: 1 )Front and rear floor holder for motorcycle wheel 2) Set of aluminum rim with tires 3) Hook trailer AL-KO AKS with dumper 4) Traction control ESP 5) Painted in any color -acryl 6) Painted in any color -metalic 7) Axle shock absorbers 8) Installation 13 PIN 9) Certificate -TEMPO 100 (trailer must have AKS and axle shock absorbers) 10) Adiditional equipment on client request- individual valuation Total trailer lenght ( with shaft ) 4810 mm 4,81 m Body lenght 3665 mm 3,66 m Body width 2080 mm 2,08 m Internal width between racks Internal width from wall to wall Internal entrance width between actuators 1430 mm 1530 mm 1280 mm 1,43 m 1,53 m 1,28 m Rear flap lenght Rear flap width 1320 mm 1370 mm 1,32m 1,37 m Internal trailer high: by the closed flap with wide open roof by hinges to the frame 1515 mm 2120 mm 1560 mm 1410 mm 1,51 m 2,12 m 1,56 m 1,41 m Trailer high 1980 mm 1,98 m Permissible gross weight (DMC) 750-1300 kg Self weight of the trailer version 750 460 kg Self weight of the trailer version 1300 460 kg Wheel version 1300 205 / 70 R14 Floor thickness 15mm

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