In 1998 Mariusz Miga established import-export company by name of its owner . The main point was car trading, afterwards car-tuning and export to Scandinavia.

Tuning parts were very expensive, time of transportation was long and not everybody could afford to buy our products, though high quality. In 2008 MIGATUNING web site come into being, where the customer can buy good quality, and install by himself. Today our company sells not only cars, bumpers and body kits but also brakes, rims, exhausts and soon most parts to Your car. Our point is to furnish You parts that You are looking for with competitive price, and top quality.

We're selling parts in those countries: England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

If You are interested in selling our products in other countries, not named above, please contact administration.