- How does this site work?

1. Choose Your languege (up, to the right)
2. Click on "products" & "body kits"
3. Find Your product by clicking on Your car mark and model.
4. If You wish to buy or ask about the product, click on "Add to note-book"(under order number).
5. Click on "Send question" (on the left)
6. Fill out all fields in the contact form and click on "Send"

...or just send an email to:

You don t need any codes at Miga Tuning website. You don t have to log in.

- Price list

Price list is under update and is not up yet, sorry.
It will be up at Grubier:

We have a discount offer on all Our body kits.
Same price for every body kit, no matter what car You have.
The offer does not include Our exclusive body kits (example: Maserati or Lamborghini).
The price of exclusive body kits is on request only.
Feel free to use Our Note-book if You have any question about a specific part, or just send an e-mail:

A better price can be given if You order quick, less work in the inbox for us ;-)

Price is on request, but can also be seen at Grubier soon:

- My country is Not on the list

If Your country flag cannot be found above (left side of Paypal), please send an e-mail. The price in this case of all products is on request only.
We are looking for dealers around the world.