Parts on this site are not from any car manfacturer and for that reason delivered without any car manufacturer logo.

A very few parts are used (original), renewed and primed. If it applies to your request, you will be informed about it.

Cannot see the Price or Shopping Cart / Basket? Get in touch, the part is accessible but must be opened up for You.

Miga Tuning is an interactive website for companies and private individuals.
We offer package solutions for car conversions.
These are often large parts that must be sent on a pallet (we send worldwide).
Cars today often have park sensors, towbar, adaptive cruise control, 360` camera, sports packages, fog lights, etc.
Parts produced today are often in ABS-Plastic, Carbon, GRP, PP-Plastic etc.
We have therefore chosen to have an interactive page to talk / interact with the customer before ordering/sending.
This simply means that you as a customer and we as sellers have as much info as possible before the parts are sent out.
This way You will save time not be sending the parts forth and back. You know exactly what it is that is actually sent to You.
We know that You just want to put the part in the shopping cart and have the part delivered, but it's really much better when we have as accurate info as possible before the parts are sent out.

- How does this site work?

1. Choose Your languege (up, to the right)
2. Click on "products" & "body kits"
3. Find Your product by clicking on Your car mark and model.
4. If You wish to buy or ask about the product, click on "Add to note-book"(under order number).
5. Click on "Send question" (on the left)
6. Fill out all fields in the contact form and click on "Send"

...or just send an email to:

You don t need any codes at Miga Tuning website. You don t have to log in.

- Price list

Price list is under update and is not up yet, sorry.
It will be up at Grubier:

We have a discount offer on all Our body kits.
Same price for every body kit, no matter what car You have.
The offer does not include Our exclusive body kits (example: Maserati or Lamborghini).
The price of exclusive body kits is on request only.
Feel free to use Our Note-book if You have any question about a specific part, or just send an e-mail:

A better price can be given if You order quick, less work in the inbox for us ;-)

Price is on request, but can also be seen at Grubier soon:

- My country is Not on the list

If Your country flag cannot be found above (left side of Paypal), please send an e-mail. The price in this case of all products is on request only.
We are looking for dealers around the world.